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Posted by Pedro on 2/28/04

"Very friendly people and good customer service. Specially the guy behind the Sushi Bar. Good Shushi, fresh food, and a pleasant atmosphere."

Posted by Damethod on 10/06/06
“This place is the crown jewel of convenience for me. The location off of 127th ave and bird rd is ideal since it is less than 5 minutes off the turnpike. The sunomono and kam wah roll are exquisite. I like to order them extra spicy. Make sure to try the Volcano duck as well. Last, but not least, don't forget about dessert!”

Posted by yeimmy2222 on 3/29/08
“Everything on the menu is excellent, we try something different everytime and have never been dissapointed, the staff is friendly and knowledgable. The bamboo chicken is great and also the chicken teriyaki. Hats off to the chef, check it out.”

Posted by Javier R. on 4/29/08
“Best Thai, Chinese, & Sushi under one roof!
I recently went to eat at this cute little Asian restaurant that specialized in three oriental cuisines. When you walk in there's nothing fancy about it but you can feel the comfort of home. The Asian decor and beautiful orchids gives the restaurant a traditional/vintage ambiance. With only about 10 tables and a sushi bar I felt very cozy. The menu is more like a book with so many choices for Chinese, Thai, and Japanese foods. We ordered the fried rice which tasted better than any other chinese restaurant I've ever been to, and trust me I've been to a lot. The thai curry was delicious! And the sushi was by far the best I've had. I kinda feel a little guilty for exposing this exceptional gem but I felt the need to share my wonderful experience.”

Posted by Adrian 10/25/08
"love this place! The best of all three types of food! The Thai, Chinese, and Sushi are fantastic! This is a must try restaurant! If you don't than you're missing out."

Posted by Vicky on 08/14/09
"Never disappointed
I've been eating at Kam Wah for many years, and have never been disappointed. The food tastes fresh and the restaurant is quiet and relaxing."

Posted by Mandy on 9/17/09 

"A+........my fav sushi place"


Posted by Tom on 04/24/09

"Great Thai, Chinese, and Sushi
I've been to restaurants where they served multiple types of cuisine before and noticed that they would be better in one style better than the other but not this restaurant... all three typed of cuisine found here is fantastic! You must try it to believe it!"

Posted by H.S on 1/2/10
"Very good, everything I try I like, Thai, Japanese, Chinese food !"

Posted by Michelle Z. on 2/27/10

"this is a VERY  unsuspecting little place, right behind a seafood restaurant in a plaza just off of bird and 127th- there's even an autoparts place in the vicinity.
I have lived in Miami for many years searching for delicious fried rice,
perfected, crunchy, honey chicken,
crab and cream cheese wontons.
this place has it all.
a great menu of Chinese, Japanese, and Thai specialities-the portions are very generous and do tend to get a bit pricey when you start looking at the more delicacy based dishes on the Japanese and Thai menu.
Again, take out is available and everything really is cooked to order.  

I WISH they had delivery!"

Posted by Proxy on 8/10/2010

Best Sushi In Miami By far the best sushi in Miami. Excellent service, AMAZING FOOD, and the service was perfect. It's a little hole in the wall restaurant but don't be discouraged because I assure you that you won't be disappointed.


Posted by Maritza C. on 9/4/2010

"Great service, Fantastic food, and  prices just as good!!"


Posted by Leticia R. on 9/30/2010

"LOVE Kamwah !!!  Menu consist of Thai, Japanese and Chinese entrees.

Favorite rolls are red dragon, awesome and spicy tuna hand roll made with spicy sauce.  When you have the awesome roll you will understand why its called awesome because when we finish it we always say that roll was AWESOME!  

Once in a while we order the thai-style fried rice with shrimp which is also great.  Thai- donuts for dessert what more could you ask for.

Sushi chef very accommodating with us and our children 4 and 6 yrs old.  Staff is very friendly. Food is always fresh and service is excellent.  Ample parking available"


Posted by sushilover on 12/05/2010

Hidden Gem!

Kam Wah is one of those rare finds that people like to keep a secret! The food is delicious and the service is one of a kind!


Posted by Eli F. on 1/3/2011 

 I like this place. The service is great. The food is tasty. This is the place i order out from all the time.
Try the pad thai it amazing!

Posted by Andrea V. on 1/27/2011

Good Thai food, service was great!

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